May 9, 2007


The walker and the camera each move at their own pace.

As a results of bogus copyright infringments warning I decided to delete all my videos from Youtube – Dec 2012

May 9, 2007

A Chandelier Accident (2007)

Chandelier Accident (2007) from daniel dugas on Vimeo.

• Alberta Media Arts Alliance Conference,Red Deer AB May 2-4, 2008
• North County Fair, Driftpile AB June 20-22, 2008
• Cinemathon, Metro Cinema, Edmonton AB July 12, 2008
• Arts on the Avenue, Edmonton AB September 27, 2008
• Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton AB September 30, 2008
• Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, Winnipeg MB November 5, 2008
• ED Video, Guelph ON June 26, 2009
• NB film Coop, Fredericton, NB, April 2009
• Zero Filme Festival, Barreiro, PT, 2009

Daniel Dugas’ A Chandelier Accident sets the tone for this year’s program: a surprisingly inventive take on mainstream celebrity scandal unlikely to be found on YouTube.

Actor David Hasselhoff enjoyed celebrity status with starring roles in popular television series such as Baywatch and Knight Rider. He later attained notoriety in a widely circulated video shot by his daughter, which featured him eating a hamburger while inebriated and lying on the floor. Daniel Dugas’ elegant video A Chandelier Accident chronicles another less fortunate incident in the life of the Hollywood star, this time in London’s Sanderson Hotel. Dugas juxtaposes text from a BBC news story of Hasselhoff’s run in with a light fixture in a men’s toilet with shots of chandeliers in a New Orleans antique shop. A wry take on mainstream culture’s fascination with celebrity, A Chandelier Accident directs the viewers’ gaze towards the ceiling optimistically envisioning a hassle free future for the Hoff.

Leslea Kroll, Prairie Tales 10
Tour Coordinator

May 9, 2007

Paris grince (2007)

Paris Grince (2007) from daniel dugas on Vimeo.

PARIS GRINCE en trois saveurs: saveur google, saveur sphere et saveur ouvriers.

The Eiffel Tower, that famous icon swings and squeaks in a perfect, blue sky.

Durée: 1:40 sec, NTSC Année de production: 2007
DVD en Français et en Anglais.


Nov 8, 2006

Même un détour serait correct (2005)

Même un détour serait correct est animé par la révolte contre le pouvoir sauvage. Les vers y oscillent entre la dénonciation impuissante et l’espoir calculé. Un « refus global » prononcé avec émotion, qui aménage ponts et possibilités permettant à l’homme de « traverser de l’autre côté ».

Prise de parole

Jun 9, 2006

La Dauphine (2006)

• Vallauris, exterior projection town square, La Dauphine, Vallauris, FR, 2006
• Emmedia, Calgary, AB, 2007

While preparing for the festival season, a small town in the south of France is surprised to receive a rising star in their midst.
La Dauphine was created during a residency at A.I.R. Vallauris on the Côte dAzur. The video features local residents and the buzz surrounding the Cannes Film Festival.

Une petite localité dans le sud de la France se prépare pour la saison des festivals et les habitants se trouvent surpris daccueillir une étoile montante dans leur ville.

Part 1 of 3 : 4:15 min
French with English Subtitles
Collaboration avec Valerie LeBlanc

May 7, 2006

8 improvisations pour Valbert (2006)

Il y a quelque mois mon père, Valbert célébrait ses 80 ans. Pour l’occasion je me suis assis au piano et j’ai enregistré 8 improvisations en son honneur. Valbert a toujours eu une appréciation pour les arts et la musique et c’est avec plaisir que je lui offre ces morceaux choisis.

• Improvisation8

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Sep 18, 2005

EMMAX (2003-2006)

Emmax was created on September 2003, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada under the umbrella & support of EMMEDIA.  Emmax is a club / group / community of people who are interested in working / playing / learning and sharing ideas and exploring with Cycling74 MAX MSP and Jitter software

Founding members: Ken Buera, Daniel Dugas, Jim Goertz, David Kim, Valerie LeBlanc and Don Simmons.

EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society gratefully acknowledges the invaluable support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The Calgary Community Lottery Board, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Calgary Region Arts Foundation, The National Film Board of Canada, Webcore Labs, The Alberta Media Arts A lliance Society, our many dedicated members, artist-producers, volunteers and the Calgary community.
last update: jan 2006


Caroling with Emmax – Dec 23, 2003
Participants: Ken Buera, Daniel Dugas, Jim Goertz, Don Simmons

Ledgefest festivalof ambient music: Jan 9 – 12, 2004
Participants:  Ken Buera, Daniel Dugas, Jim Goertz, Don Simmons

Birthday song – The New Gallery, Jan 17, 2004
Participants:  Ken Buera, Don Simmons

Not White Noise – Bubonix Tourist & Birds and Stone, Dec 19, 2004
Participants:  Ken Buera, Kay Burns, Daniel Dugas, Jim Goertz, Valerie LeBlanc, Don Simmons

Silencing Critical Art, Jan 20, 2005
Participants:  Ken Buera, Don Simmons

Localective, Jan 23, 2006
Participants: Tyler Johnson, Dallin Ursenbach, Anthony Gasca, Tammy Kahn, Brendan Baudat, Amanda Henderson, Sarah Houle-Lowry, Bogdan Cheta, Jena Walker, Maria Cucueto, Robert Harpin


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

May 8, 2005

MUDSC (2005)

• 19es Instants Vidéo, Marseille, FR, 2006
• Rencontre du film numérique de Mantes La Jolie- Centre Culturel Le Chaplin, FR, 2006
• Vidéotèque éphémère, VIDEOFORMES, Clermont-Ferrand, FR, 2006
• Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC, 2005

Même un détour serait correct – MUDSC -est une dérive dans les nouvelles villes encloisonnées, dans les villes forteresses, les villes-privées, où la peur de l’autre est portée à l’extrême et où les caméras de surveillance, les portails télécommandés et les gardiens de sécurité sont devenus les nouvelles nécessités de cette vie à l’abri de la vie elle-même.

Dans cette topographie du conflit, il y a aussi l’espoir de trouver un terrain neutre pour construire ou reconstruire un espace habitable.
Même un détour serait correct : 32 minutes
Français avec sous-titres anglais

MUDSC: Même un détour serait correct – translated: ‘Even a detour would be all right’ is a poetic expedition into; urban sprawl, gated communities, those private cities of our new world where the fear of the others is pushed to the extreme. Those are the places where surveillance cameras, remote controlled doors and security guards have become the new necessities of this life sheltered from life itself.In this topography of conflict there is also the hope to find a neutral ground to build or to rebuild a liveable space.
MUDSC contains 18 videos poems.
Même un détour serait correct : 32 minutes
French with English subtitles


MUDSC sur YouTube :




le traffic

le point de fuite



réchauffer version canola

réchauffer version condo

la fin du monde




les bungalows

la banlieue



May 7, 2005

FMK (2005-2007)

• Transitio Festival, Mexico City, MX, 2007
• Galerie Sans Nom, Subterfuge, Moncton, NB, 2007
• Mayworks Festival, Calgary, AB – May 1, 2005
• Sound Bites, NSCAD + Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, NS – July 15, 2005
• Faucet Media Arts Centre, Sackville, NB – July 17, 2005

Free Market Karaoke (FMK), is both a series of real-time interactive soundscapes and a computer program. The program allows me to create real-time interactive soundscapes based upon the financial data of companies trading on the Dow Jones Index. Companies generate wealth for their shareholders and an abundant flow of data. This information is continually streaming out in real-time (minus a 15 minute delay) from the World Stock exchanges and is displayed on various web sites on the Internet. Investors and brokers are in this game to make a buck, to make their investments grow as much as they can; the bigger the better as the saying goes. They do not usually orchestrate their movements with one another to create sense on a language level. The money is the meaning of their entreprise, the only pattern worth wearing, the reason to exist. My role in FMK is mainly that of a remixer. My decisions are directed in the reorganization of incoming data into musical events. I am on the lookout – ‘the ear-out’ – for rhythms, textures, ups and downs, anything that seems to be talking. I want the digits to sing and dance, to laugh and to cry. I want to see life-savings sounds roll in and out like a fog bank that envelops a small coastal town. I want to hear the investors’ roar like the turbines of a space shuttle racing through the earth’s atmosphere upon re-entry. I want to transform big time brokers into bees flying in a field of brightly colours flowers, into dust trapped inside the vacuum of a Dirt Devil, into oil seeping out of the ground, into the wind blowing inside a cave, into the electricity singing through wires.
These soundscapes were created with the software Max/MSP in conjunction with Charles Hines’ QuoteFiler 1.31. I used the output data from: YAHOO CURRENT QUOTE VARIABLES, the Last Trade Price, the Day High, the % Change of a share and so on, to manipulate audio signal and MIDI information.






May 6, 2005

Le siege de leur esprit – The place of their spirit (2005)

Le siège de leur esprit – The Place of their Spirit (2003) from daniel dugas on Vimeo.

• Alberta Scene Albertaine / Media Arts, Ottawa, ON, 2005

Le siege de leur esprit – The place of their spirit, is a poetic assessment of the power imbalance woven into the fabric of culture.

Daniel H. Dugas

Artiste numérique, poète et musicien, Daniel H. Dugas a participé à des expositions individuelles et de groupe ainsi qu’à plusieurs festivals et événements de poésie en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Mexique et en Australie. Everglades, coécrit avec Valerie LeBlanc, vient de paraître aux Éditions Prise de parole.

Daniel H. Dugas is a poet, musician, and videographer. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico and Australia. His tenth book of poetry, co-written with Valerie LeBlanc, Everglades has just been published by Les Éditions Prise de parole.

À partir de leur exploration du parc national des Everglades, Daniel H. Dugas et Valerie LeBlanc cartographient dans cet essai poétique les effets de la présence humaine sur le milieu naturel, les traces qu’elle y dépose. Everglades est une ode à la beauté, à la fragilité et à la résilience d’une nature aux prises avec une espèce envahissante, la nôtre.

Through their exploration of the Everglades National Park, Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc document, in this poetic collection, the effects of human presence in the natural world and the traces left behind. Everglades is an ode to the beauty, the fragility and the resilience of nature faced with the invasiveness of a particular species, ours.

Date : Mars 2018
Genre : Poésie
Collection : Poésie
ISBN : 9782897441029

Éditions Prise de parole




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