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Jun 15, 2016

FILE SÃO PAULO 2016 – venha passar do limite


Je suis très content de faire partie de ce festival!

O FILE Videoarte apresenta este ano um recorte da recente produção poética que articula o vídeo e as tecnologias atuais, extrapolando os limites entre eles e evidenciando como os dispositivos técnicos modificam nossa forma de perceber as coisas ao nosso redor. Com quarenta e quatro obras de mais de vinte países, buscamos investigar como se dão as imbricações entre nós e as imagens (com seus dispositivos), e entre nós e os espaços (físicos, digitais, internos e externos).
Curadoria: Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida

FILE Video Art presents this year a cutout of the recent poetic production that combines video and current technologies, breaking the barriers between them and showing how the technical devices change the way we perceive things around us. With forty-four works from over than twenty countries, we seek to investigate how the imbrications between us and the images (with its devices) and between us and the spaces (physical, digital, internal and external) happen.
Curatorship: Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida

1 Alfredo Ardia & Sandro L’Abbate – Studio N.1 – Itália
2 Anna Vasof – Down to Earth – Áustria
3 Atelier Monté – The Art of Deception – Holanda
4 Baku Hashimoto & Katsuki Nogami – EYE – Japão
5 Beatriz Minguez de Molina – Finishing Your Dreams – Espanha
6 Cole Lu – But, You Know, It’s Often All I Want – Estados Unidos
7 “Con.Tatto: Francesca Leoni & Davide Mastrangelo” – Androgynous – Itália
8 Constanza Meléndez – Untitled (1990) – Alemanha
9 Cristina Pavesi – Giallo – Itália
10 Daniel Alexander Smith – Sea Change – Estados Unidos
11 Daniel H. Dugas – Apples and Oranges – Canadá
12 Daniel Wechsler – Dust – Israel
13 Das Vegas (Vygandas Simbelis) – STRATA – Suécia
14 David Clark – The Cinema of Sweat – Canadá
15 Diran Lyons – Keep The Clubs Swingin’ (#Obeezy | Dr. Dre Remix) – Estados Unidos
16 Dustin Morrow – Treetops – Estados Unidos
17 Edu Rabin & Renata de Lélis – Onda – Brasil
18 Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core – Bang Utot – Itália
19 Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core – Scherzo – Itália
20 Francesca Fini – Dadaloop – Itália
21 Hakan Lidbo – Tightrope – Suécia
22 Hakeem b – Jane’s Electronic Poem – França
23 Jaret Vadera – On Kings and Elephants – Estados Unidos
24 Jeroen Cluckers – Tears in Rain – Bélgica
25 Laura Focarazzo – The Uninvited – Argentina
26 Liliana Farber – The Blue Marble – Israel
27 Liu Chang & Miao Jing – INFINITE – China/Estados Unidos
28 Marcell Andristyák – Roadlovers – Hungria
29 Michael Pelletier – Coordinated Movement – Holanda
30 Paganmuzak – N3 – Itália
31 Paulina Rutman – Fall – Chile
32 Peter Whittenberger – What’s the Worst That Can Happen? – Estados Unidos
33 Peter William Holden – The Invisible – Alemanha
34 “pixels+fibre: Myrto Angelouli & Fiona Gavino” – (My) Space I – Austrália
35 Przemek Wegrzyn – Lullaby – Polônia
36 Przemek Wegrzyn – Home Movie – Polônia
37 Przemek Węgrzyn – Security Measures – Polônia
38 Shaun Wilson – Uber Memoria XIX – Part VII – Austrália
39 Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebooks: Venice, Italy – Itália
40 Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebooks: Barcelona, Spain – Itália
41 Stuart Pound – Song Lines – Inglaterra
42 Stuart Pound – Coming & Going – Inglaterra
43 Stuart Pound – Six Portraits of Clara Schumann – Inglaterra
44 Vera Sebert – Panorama Panic Botany – Áustria


Apples and Oranges (Maçãs e Laranjas)
“Apples and Oranges” (Maçãs e Laranjas) examina a questão das barreiras. É um vídeo sobre liberdade e cativeiro, sobre a vida ao ar livre e o confinamento, sobre uma prisão que existe ao lado de um Parque Nacional.

Feb 25, 2016

Apples and Oranges (2016)

I am very happy that my video: Apples and Oranges has been accepted in the FILE 2016 – Video Art! The exhibition will be held from July to August in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Apples and Oranges examines the question of boundaries. It is a video about freedom and captivity, about wilderness and confinement, about a prison existing next to a National Park.

Apples and Oranges is also designed to be presented as a three channel projection/installation.

May 19, 2015

FILE 2015


We are very happy that our FLOW: BIG WATERS video program will to screened during FILE 2015!

FILE São Paulo 2015
the new e-motion
From June 16th to August 16th

FILE 2015 – Electronic Language International Festival takes place this year from June 16th to August 16th at Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso. In its 16th edition, the festival occupies the Art Gallery of SESI-SP, the Digital Art Gallery (the facade of the FIESP building) with the FILE LED SHOW, and the Mezzanine Floor, where a series of workshops takes place. The festival exhibits the interactive installation “Solar Pink”, by the North American group Assocreation, in the sidewalks of Avenida Paulista, and the installation “Arart” in the subway stations Trianon-Masp and Consolação. Created by Japanese artists Takeshi Mukai, Kei Shiratori and Younghyo Bak, this work creates dynamics in iconic art history paintings using an app for mobile devices.

The FILE 2015 exhibition, that takes place at the Art Gallery of SESI-SP, gathers artistic proposals in several forms such as interactive installations, games for multiple platforms, animations, video art, GIFs, WebGLs, web art and electronic sounds.

The festival also exhibits a projection subtitled in Portuguese of the award-winning movie “Shirley – Visions of Reality”, directed by Austrian filmmaker Gustav Deutsch, a contemporary cult cinema icon. Never shown before in Brazil, the film is based on 13 paintings by American painter Edward Hopper.

The participation in all activities of FILE 2015 is free

1 Anne Pasanen & Geo Panagiotidou-Kalevala Book Visualisation-Finland
2 Anni Garza Lau – A Pragmatic Digital Art Manifesto-Mexico
3 Basic Bruegel: Valerie LeBlanc & Daniel H Dugas-Flow: Big Waters–Canada
4 BiarritZZZ-Possawsubawater-Brazil
5 Chang Liu-Wild Growth-United States
6 Daniel Peixoto Ferreira-Join Us-Brazil
7 Daniel Peixoto Ferreira-Learn-Brazil
8 David Clark-The End: Death in Seven Colours– Canada
9 Duda-Ecos #1-Brazil
10 ENRIQUE FRANCO LIZARAZO – D-sonus: aplicativo para criação audiovisual em dispositivos móveis – Brazil
11 Ewa Doroszenko & Jacek Doroszenko – Soundreaming – Poland
12 Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, Tokyo Metropolitan University, The Asahi Shimbun Company & Tokyo Metropolitan Archives – The Tokyo Olympic Archive 1964-2020 – Japan
13 Iono Allen – Butchery – France
14 IP Yuk-Yiu – Clouds Fall – Hong Kong
15 Jason Edward Lewis – Vital to the General Public Welfare (The PoEMM Cycle) – Canada
16 Jason Nelson – The Required Field – Australia
17 Jean-Michel Rolland – Biosphere – France
18 Jean-Michel Rolland – The Endless Journey – France
19 Jenny Lin – Replay: A Memory Game – Canada
20 Jody Zellen – Time Jitters – United States
21 jtwine – UltraHyperDrone – United States
22 Justin Lincoln – The Stroboscope – United States
23 Les Riches Douaniers: Gilles Richard & Fabrice Zoll – Tableau Sisyphéen (Sisyphean Picture) – France
24 Livia Mateiaș – Strings – Romania
25 Luigia Cardarelli – Landscape – Italy
26 Luigia Cardarelli – The Unspoken Words – Italy
27 Luigia Cardarelli – Imagined Time – Italy
28 Luis Hernandez-Galván – This place you see is about to be no more… – Singapure
29 Michael Takeo Magruder – Data_Plex (Babel) – United Kingdom
30 Paganmuzak – Rotational Chaos – Italy
31 Rachel Simone Weil, Torley & Nathalie Lawhead – Monkey Fortunetell – United States
32 reVoltaire – kinema ikon: serial / season one – Romania
33 Roberto Stelzer – Poesia 3D – Brazil
34 Ryota Matsumoto – the High Overdrive and Its Undefinable Consequence – Japan
35 Ryota Matsumoto – the Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory – Japan
36 Ryota Matsumoto – Voided by the False Vows of Time – Japan
37 Second Front: Patrick Lichty, LiZ Solo, Bibbe Hansen, Yael Gilks, Doug Jarvis & Scott Kildall – Red Dog For Freddie Herko – United States
38 Will Luers – Phantom Agents – United States

Daniel H. Dugas

Artiste numérique, poète et musicien, Daniel Dugas a participé à des expositions individuelles et de groupe ainsi qu’à plusieurs festivals et événements de poésie en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Mexique et en Australie. Son neuvième recueil de poésie L’esprit du temps / The Spirit of the Time vient de paraître aux Éditions Prise de parole.

Daniel Dugas is a poet, musician and videographer. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico and Australia. His ninth book of poetry: L’esprit du temps / The Spirit of the Time has just been published by Les Éditions Prise de parole.

Daniel Dugas es poeta, músico y videocreador. Ha participado en exposiciones individuales y colectivas, festivals y eventos literarios en Norteamérica, Europa, México y Australia. Acaba de publicar su noveno poemario, L’esprit du temps / The spirit of time (Les Editions Prise de parole).

L’esprit du temps / The Spirit of the Time est un projet de transmutation du paysage publicitaire en paysage poétique. Ce livre est à la fois un livre de photographie, un recueil de poésie et un essai lucide mais ludique sur notre société matérialiste. Il a été produit en numérique et imprimé en quantité limitée.

Date : Décembre 2015
Genre : Poésie
Collection : Poésie
ISBN : 9782894239629

Éditions Prise de parole




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