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Nov 12, 2018

Instants Vidéo – Programme au jour le jour (2018)


Je suis super content de faire partie de la 31e édition des Instants Vidéo, un de mes festivals préférés ! Ma vidéo « Aequilibris » sera présentée à Marseille au « Vidéodrome 2 », le 20 novembre à 18h30 dans un programme intitulé  « Les « dé-nuisances » sonores et visuelles »

Daniel-H.-Dugas-aequilibris2-768x432Voici le lien pour voir le programme au jour le jour :

Bon festival !


Nov 6, 2014

Miami Book Fair International (2014)


An Evening with AIRIE (Artists in Residence in Everglades)

Miami Bookfair International 2014

Tuesday, November 18th @ 7pm at The Swamp Pavillion

Look for the big tent at the southeast corner of N.E. 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue.

Science + Art:  Transformative Experiences in the Everglades

Despite its importance, abundance of wildlife, and great natural beauty, many people have never visited  the Everglades and only have a vague idea of it as a tangled swamp rife with pythons, mosquitoes and alligators.  AIRIE executive director and artist Deborah Mitchell and biologist Skip Snow will co-moderate a panel of five AIRIE artists on the transformative experience their residency in the Everglades has had on their work.  Audio composer Gustavo Matamoros, Visual artist Reed Van Brunschot, author Anne McCrary Sullivan, and multi-disciplinary Canadian artists Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas will share their recent experiences with the audience while a slide show of AIRIE art provides visual support for their moving narratives.

About the artists

LeBlanc and Dugas will debut their new project FLOW- BIG WATERS with a program of video poems. Based upon their research in the Everglades National Park, the project will continue through 2015 and will also include a series of sound walks and photographs. Researching and recording several aspects of this unique biosphere, this dynamic duo continues working on various aspects of this multi-facetted project. Using tools of writing, still and moving images and audio, the root of their desire is to share the aesthetic joy of being there in the moment. When completed, the project will be available online.

Matamoros will present Bats & Insects, a sound-scape audio composition on exhibit September 19-November 5th at the critically acclaimed Common Ground:  Artists in the Everglades at Florida Atlantic University. This Venezuelan composer is the driving force behind ISaw + Subtropics, the leading proponent of experiential music and sound art in the Southeast.

McCrary Sullivan has had poems widely published in literary and academic journals including The Gettysburg Review, the Southern Review, and Harvard Educational Review.  During and after her AIRIE residency, she accumulated thousands of hours paddling the waters of the Everglades National Park, which resulted in two books:   Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades and Paddling the Everglades Wilderness Waterway.

Van Brunschot is a visual artist who uses multiple mediums including sculpture, painting, performance and video.   Based on evoking memories of childhood, home life and a general commonality found in nostalgic experiences, her work examines transitions and places them in the public sphere.  Van Brunschot will discuss how her recent transformative residency experience has affected her studio practice.

About the Moderators

Biologist Skip Snow worked for the National Park Service for 38 years, the last 25 at Everglades National Park. He has evaluated the effects of water management on park wildlife, worked to reintroduce native species, and spent considerable time working on eradicating the Burmese python.  Since retiring in 2013, Skip has been pursuing a keen interest in the intersection of art and science, and continues to volunteer for the park as an emeritus wildlife biologist.

Artist and Executive Director of AIRIE, Deborah Mitchell, participated in the Artist-in-Residence program in Big Cypress in 2007.  Since then, environmental awareness and community outreach has been the focus of her multi-disciplinary work.  In addition to working with AIRIE fellows and organizing cultural programs, she curated The Preserve in 2012 and Flight: Aloft in the Everglades in 2014. Mitchell’s photographs can be seen in Swamplife, (Minnesota Press).

An evening with AIRIE in the Swamp Pavilion at the Bookfair will be an informative program which presents a nuanced look at the Everglades by letting AIRIE Fellows share their work and perspectives on the park with both local and international book lovers.

Oct 25, 2014

Glissement (2012)

Glissement (2012) from Daniel H. Dugas on Vimeo.

My uncle Camille was a gifted organist, photographer and a very private man. When he died, his photographs and slides were distributed to family members, but there was little context for the material. I received images of Madrid, Rome and Paris. While most of them had a touristic quality, others were more personal. I noticed that some of the colors were starting to fade away. His past, that no one could explain, was slowly disappearing. Soon there would be nothing left.
I started to superimpose the images. Doubling them up gave hope that memories embedded there would gather new strength.
Camille Melanson (1917-2003) – My uncle, a priest, was granted permission to pursue doctoral studies in Paris by his church, in the early 1960’s. After 4 years, when it was time to finalize his thesis, his congregation decided that they could no longer pay his way. Faced with a demand to return to his small parish in Canada, Camille decided to leave the priesthood and moved to Montréal to rebuild his life. After a few years he bought a small house. He had the chance to purchase the massive organ from the Parc Jarry and installed it in his basement. This organ had been played during the Montréal Expos home games and it became one of the many keyboards that he owned. At the time of his death, the organ was sold with the house, as it was impossible to remove.


2014 La Galerie d’art Louise et Reuben-Cohen, Université de Moncton, NB
2013 International Film Poetry Festival, EMPROS Theatre, Athens, GR
2013 Co-Kisser Festival, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis St-Paul, MN
2013 Filmpoem Festival, Dunbar, SCT

Oct 25, 2014

Évanescence (2012)

Évanescence (2012) from Daniel H. Dugas on Vimeo.

Evanescencia (2012) version espagnol from Daniel H. Dugas on Vimeo.

Quelle est cette épouvante, cette épouvantable époque d’évanescence dans laquelle nous vivons ? Tout s’efface rapidement, brusquement. Ce qui s’était posé devant le regard avec tant d’effervescence s’est enfui presque instantanément, a disparu en nous touchant.


2014 La Galerie d’art Louise et Reuben-Cohen, Université de Moncton, NB
2012 IV Festival Internacional de Videopoesía “por la Tierra”, Buenos Aires, AR

Oct 25, 2014

Insomnia (2012)

insomnia – Italian subtitles (2012) from Daniel H. Dugas on Vimeo.

Insomnie – English subtitles (2012) from Daniel H. Dugas on Vimeo.

A television show on the Big Bang theory adds to the anguish of not being able to sleep. What would happen to dreaming if time itself disappeared?

Une émission de télévision sur la théorie du Big Bang vient ajouter à l’angoisse de ne pas pouvoir dormir. Qu’arriverait-il au sommeil si le temps lui-même disparaissait ?

Traduzione di Antonella D’Agostino

2014 La Galerie d’art Louise et Reuben-Cohen, Université de Moncton, NB
2013 6ième edition La Parola immaginata, Treviglio, IT
2013 Ok.Quoi?! Contemporary Arts Festival, Struts Gallery, Sackville, NB
2013 PoetryFilm Equinox, PoetryFilm, Charlotte Street Hotel Cinema, London, UK

Sep 15, 2014

Liberated Words Festival (2014)


I am happy be in such good company as was shown at this year’s Liberated Words Festival!


CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone who took part in Liberated Words festival and our competition finalists. The winners were:

Best Music/Sound – judges Rich Ferguson and Mark Wilkinson
1st Proem: to Brooklyn Bridge by Suzie Hanna and Tom Simmons
2nd In droplets by Lorenzo Scacchia
3rd If grief were briefly to disappear by Marc Neys, Stevie Ronnie and Nic Sebastian

‘We made our assessment based on the effectiveness and aesthetic quality of the piece as a whole. Some factors we considered were:
Was the spoken word moving intellectually or emotionally?
Did the visuals enhance or elucidate the meaning of poem?
Did the images evolve over time, thereby increasing the ideas communicated?

Were the images thoughtfully produced and carefully considered?
Did the sound design enhance or distract from the spoken word?
Regarding the winning piece: We found the visual treatment in Proem to be arresting and original; clear in its intentions and unified in its design as it evolved visually throughout the piece. A balanced and elegant pairing of spoken words and moving pictures.’

Best Editing: Judges poet Helen Moore and filmmaker Howard Vause
1st On A Prophet, Kathleen Roberts and Dave Richardson
2nd Proem: to Brooklyn Bridge, Suzie Hanna and Tom Simmons
3rd Standard of Truth, Daniel H. Dugas

‘Helen and I agreed that the editing of On a Prophet had both simplicity and emotional complexity, was truly compelling and that all it’s elements formed a stunningly integrated whole. Proem is an animation tour de force – in a class of it’s own really – and we both loved Standard of Truth for it’s quirkiness and narrative restraint.’

Sep 12, 2014

Gotta Minute Film Festival (2014)


My video If Money (Daylight) has been included in the GMFF. This video, silent for the occasion, looks at the world through the transparent windows on banknotes.

September 15-21, 2014
Films in Transit
Silent one minute movies for one an all

Gotta Minute Launch Party
Septebmer 15 | 2:30 – 4:30pm
ETS LRT Churchill Station Pedway (near Winspear LRT entrance) in Edmonton’s Arts District.

Join us for popcorn, treats and all the fun as we launch Edmonton’s inaugural run of the Gotta Minute Film Festival.

Gotta Minute Screening Rooms
September 15 – 21 | During Library Operation Hours
Edmonton Public – Stanley Milner Library, 7 Winston Churchiill Square, Main Floor, Makerspace
Admission FREE

If you missed a show in transit or don’t take the train, you can watch the full 36 minute GOTTA MINUTE program at your leisure on the big screen in the Gotta Minute Screening Room.

There’s a program for Edmonton’s little ones as well! as well! GOTTA MINUTE Children’s Show Reel (10 minutes) will screen in the Milner Children’s program room whenever it is free.

Gotta Minute Awards Celebration
September 21 | 2 – 4pm
Milner Theatre (Basement) | Edmonton Public Stanley Milner Library, 7 Winston Churchill Square

Join us in applauding the Best of the Fest at the inaugural Gotta Minute Awards Celebration. Special Guests and Filmmakers will be in attendance. Come enjoy refreshments, a full screening of the 36 minute 2014 program and Award and Prize presentations.

Admission by invitation. Email if you’d like to be put on the list!

Email Beth Wishart MacKenzie at for more information.

May 5, 2014

Videopoetry (2014)

For me, the poetic experience has always been a visual experience. Although videopoetry is often a collaborative process between a poet and a filmmaker, it is for me, most of the time, one continuous action. When I started to write poetry I also started to experiment with super 8 and creating live soundtracks for the reels. The blend of text, image and music seemed a natural transaction between mediums. But it is not only a back and forth movement between words, images and sounds, the action quickly becomes a passage to discover something new, to unearth a unique presence. We know now that the lines between mediums are fragile, that the walls are now porous and we are thankful for this evolution. We can travel from one genre into another to try to make sense of the whole world. Video poetry sits at the juncture of oral tradition, typography and vibrations: a fork in the road. It sometimes tells a story through words (narrative-poetry) and at other times, through moving images (non-linear abstraction). In spite of the fact that videopoetry always shows with a red wavy underlines in Microsoft Word, it is not an error. It is a form a comprehension. It is a good road to travel.


Still from What We Take With Us at The New Gallery (2012) Video installation with Valerie LeBlanc

Mar 19, 2014

Si l’argent est le symbole… (2014)

If money is the symbol of trust, poverty is the state of distrust

This series of two videos: Fire and Daylight, looks at the world through the transparent windows on banknotes. Transparency has become democracy’s latest value, a panacea for every malaise. But what is this openness all about? Is this a window that we look through, or is it a screen where we project our dreams? Is transparency the state preceding invisibility


Si l’argent est le symbole de la confiance, la pauvreté est l’état de la méfiance, est une série de deux vidéos : Feu et Lumière du jour. La vidéo utilise les fenêtres dans les billets de banque comme des périscopes pour observer le monde.

La transparence est devenue une des caractéristiques fondamentales des sociétés modernes. Elle semble être la panacée à tous les malaises. Mais quelle est la nature de cette limpidité ? Est-ce que c’est une fenêtre qui nous permet de voir l’avenir, ou est-ce un écran où nous projetons nos rêves ? Est que cette transparence est l’état qui précède l’invisibilité ?

If Money is the Symbol – fire

If money is the symbols – daylight

Si l’argent est le symbole – feu

Si l’argent est le symbole – lumière du jour

Nov 24, 2013

Co-Kisser Festival (2013)


Le festival Co-Kisser a eu lieu le 19 octobre 2013 à Minneapolis-St-Paul dans l’auditorium du Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD). Ma vidéo Glissement faisait partie du programme Soul on the Road – Physics, Math, and Memory.

Glissement est une œuvre qui s’interroge sur la mémoire et l’oubli par le biais d’images héritées de mon oncle Camille. Cet oncle était un organiste de talent, un photographe avide et un homme très privé. Après sa mort, ses photographies et ses diapositives ont été distribuées aux membres de la famille. J’ai reçu des images de Madrid, de Rome et de Paris, mais il y avait peu de contexte pour le matériel. On ne savait pas exactement qui peuplait toutes les images. Alors que la plupart d’entre elles avaient une qualité touristique, d’autres étaient plus personnelles. J’ai remarqué que certaines des couleurs commençaient à s’estomper. Son passé, que personne ne pouvait expliquer, disparaissait lentement. Bientôt, il ne resterait rien. J’ai commencé à superposer les images, à les doubler en espérant leur redonner une nouvelle vitalité.

Immédiatement après la projection du programme j’ai participé avec 3 autres vidéastes à une table ronde qui était centrée autour de la question « Pourquoi choisir la poésie vidéo comme moyen d’expression ». Question intéressante et d’actualité, car la vidéo-poésie est un genre de cinéma/vidéo qui a connu un regain d’intérêt au cours des dernières années. Beaucoup de nouveaux festivals, qui se spécialisent dans ce genre, sont apparus un peu partout dans le monde et il y a maintenant un réseau international d’organisations[1]. Selon Jen March, la directrice du festival, le nom Co-Kisser serait une métaphore pour exprimer l’étreinte entre les mots et les images. Une action et une liaison ; étroite et intense. Les œuvres qui ont été présentées dans le cadre de cette troisième édition étaient à l’image de cet embrassement : hybrides, pluriels et souvent expérimentales.

Je remercie artsnb pour leur aide financière qui m’a permis de me rendre à Minneapolis-St-Paul afin de prendre part aux activités du festival. J’y ai fait de belles rencontres et l’énergie, je devrais dire la synergie, continue de vibrer.

[1] Aux Etats-Unis on retrouve, bien entendu, le festival Co-Kisser mais aussi un autre très récent qui vient de s’établir au Colorado :  The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival.



[1] Aux Etats-Unis on retrouve, bien entendu, le festival Co-Kisser mais aussi un autre très récent qui vient de s’établir au Colorado :  The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival.


Daniel H. Dugas

Artiste numérique, poète et musicien, Daniel H. Dugas a participé à des expositions individuelles et de groupe ainsi qu’à plusieurs festivals et événements de poésie en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Mexique et en Australie. Son treizième recueil de poésie « émoji, etc. » / « emoji, etc. » vient de paraître aux Éditions Basic Bruegel.

Daniel H. Dugas is a poet, musician, and videographer. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. His thirteenth book of poetry, 'émoji, etc.' / 'emoji, etc.' has been published by the Éditions Basic Bruegel Editions.

Date : Mars / March 2022
Genre : Poésie / Poetry
Français / English

émoji, etc. / emoji, etc.

Date: Mai / May 2022
Genre: Vidéopoésie/Videopoetry




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