May 9, 2007

A Chandelier Accident (2007)

Chandelier Accident (2007) from daniel dugas on Vimeo.

• Alberta Media Arts Alliance Conference,Red Deer AB May 2-4, 2008
• North County Fair, Driftpile AB June 20-22, 2008
• Cinemathon, Metro Cinema, Edmonton AB July 12, 2008
• Arts on the Avenue, Edmonton AB September 27, 2008
• Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton AB September 30, 2008
• Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, Winnipeg MB November 5, 2008
• ED Video, Guelph ON June 26, 2009
• NB film Coop, Fredericton, NB, April 2009
• Zero Filme Festival, Barreiro, PT, 2009

Daniel Dugas’ A Chandelier Accident sets the tone for this year’s program: a surprisingly inventive take on mainstream celebrity scandal unlikely to be found on YouTube.

Actor David Hasselhoff enjoyed celebrity status with starring roles in popular television series such as Baywatch and Knight Rider. He later attained notoriety in a widely circulated video shot by his daughter, which featured him eating a hamburger while inebriated and lying on the floor. Daniel Dugas’ elegant video A Chandelier Accident chronicles another less fortunate incident in the life of the Hollywood star, this time in London’s Sanderson Hotel. Dugas juxtaposes text from a BBC news story of Hasselhoff’s run in with a light fixture in a men’s toilet with shots of chandeliers in a New Orleans antique shop. A wry take on mainstream culture’s fascination with celebrity, A Chandelier Accident directs the viewers’ gaze towards the ceiling optimistically envisioning a hassle free future for the Hoff.

Leslea Kroll, Prairie Tales 10
Tour Coordinator

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Daniel H. Dugas

Artiste numérique, poète et musicien, Daniel H. Dugas a participé à des expositions individuelles et de groupe ainsi qu’à plusieurs festivals et événements de poésie en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Mexique et en Australie. Son treizième recueil de poésie « émoji, etc. » / « emoji, etc. » vient de paraître aux Éditions Basic Bruegel.

Daniel H. Dugas is a poet, musician, and videographer. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. His thirteenth book of poetry, 'émoji, etc.' / 'emoji, etc.' has been published by the Éditions Basic Bruegel Editions.

Date : Mars / March 2022
Genre : Poésie / Poetry
Français / English

émoji, etc. / emoji, etc.

Date: Mai / May 2022
Genre: Vidéopoésie/Videopoetry