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Mar 6, 2013

Under New Management – Video Store (2013)

I am happy to be part of the Under New Management – Video Store project (March 7 – April 12, 2013), which opens tomorrow at the Odd Gallery in Dawson, YK. I have a few titles included in the show: The Walls Have Ears (2002), Easy Not Easy (2004) , Slide (2012), Standard de vérité (2012), Insomnia (2012), Évanescence (2012), Gull (2011)  and Camille, Andrew, Katrina et Cie (2009). Good luck with the opening!


The following is from: :

Frankly, we’re not your typical video store. Far from it! In fact, Under New Management is a virtual entertainment funhouse allowing you to pay-what-you-wish. We have many rare titles and a unique rental policy!

Video Store is a gallery exhibition that takes the form of a video rental store. The project employs the characteristics of the retail environment to connect to the local community while, challenging the gallery’s role as an intermediary that delimits the viewer’s direct access to art. Video titles in stock are artists’ works procured through an open call for submissions . “Customers” are asked to pay what they wish, which can be interpreted as cash, a non-monetary exchange, critique, or no remuneration. This facet is in place as an experimental form of engagement, where artists have the opportunity to receive responses directly from viewers. In turn, the viewer has an uncommon channel to the artist. In addition to payment, rental and return are also on an honour-system basis to remove barriers that exist due to membership requirements, deposits, and return policies at commercial ventures.

Including video works by: Alleyway A.G., Artlitwell, Perry Bard, Aleks Bartosik, Steve Basham, Sarah Beck, Ashley Bedet, Simon Belleau, Stephane Boutet, Theodore Boutet, Pierre Chaumont, Millie Chen, Michèle Clarke, Eva Colmers, Claro Cosco, Sarah DiPaola, Robert Dayton, Zoran Dragelj, Daniel Dugas, Megan Dyck, Caz Egelie, Clint Enns, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Simon Frank, Lisa Folkerson, Sarah Fortais, Kandis Freisen, Stephen Paul Fulton, Daniel Gallay, Paul Gordon, Shlomi Greenspan, Keeley Haftner, Martin Hamblen, Ursula Handleigh, Sienna Hanshw, Mike Hansen, Paul Harrison, Mathew Hayes, Stefan Herda, Karen Hibbard, Candice Irwin, Felix Kalmenson, Eva Kolcze, Apostoly Peter Kouroumalis, Toni Latour, Anastasia Lognova, Christopher Lacroix, Valerie LeBlanc, Renee Lear, Melanie Loew, Duncan MacDonald, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Lyla Rye, Mani Mazinani, Penny McCann, Arlin McFarlane, Kristine Mifsud, Gordon Monahan, Caroline Monnet, Didier Morelli, Grey Muldoon, Midi Onodera, Juan Ortiz-Apuy, Ryan Park, Jason Penney, Iqrar Rizvi, Jade Rude, Matthieu Sabourin, Liana Schmidt, Olivia Simpson, Tom Smith, Leslie Supnet, Maya Suess, Laura Taler, Aislinn Thomas, Peter Von Tiesenhausen, Carolyn Tripp, Carmen Victor, vsvsvs, Ellen Wetmore, Elinor Whidden, Oauk Wiersbinski, Damien Worth, Robert Zverina… and many more!

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (UNM) is comprised of the curatorial team Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee, a collective of cultural producers working in contemporary art. Operating as a mutable entity, UNM re-invents roles and shifts boundaries to inspire production and engagement. Collaboration with new and experimental strategies is at the forefront of their practice.

Suzanne Carte is an independent curator and critical art writer. Currently, she works as the Assistant Curator at the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) focusing on an integrative model to utilize public programming as a pedagogical tool within the academic institution. Previously she held positions as outreach programmer for the Blackwood Gallery and the Art Gallery of Mississauga and as professional development and public program coordinator at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. She is on the Board of Directors of C Magazine, an international art quarterly devoted to promoting critical discussion about contemporary art. Within Suzanne’s independent practice, she has curated exhibitions in public spaces, artist-run centres, commercial and public art galleries including All Systems Go!, Under New Management, MOTEL and Man’s Ruin. Suzanne recently completed her Masters of Contemporary Art at the Sotheby’s Art Institute in New York City.

Su-Ying Lee is the Assistant Curator at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) and most recently completed a one-year curatorial residency at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. Lee has both institutional experience and a number of independent projects to her credit. She has curated exhibitions that include the work of Kent Monkman and Lawrence Weiner and commissioned the work of Harrell Fletcher and Wendy Red Star. Her curatorial practice has been steadily evolving into the expanded field. Lee is interested in the role of curator as co-conspirator, accomplice and active agent. She seeks new ways to mobilize art, audiences and context.

Klondike Institute of Art and Culture

Click here to download the exhibition brochure


Oct 16, 2012

4e festival international de vidéopoésie “por la tierra” (2012)

Evanescencia a été sélectionné pour faire partie du 4e festival international de vidéopoésie POR LA TIERRA. L’événement, organisé par VideoBardo, aura lieu à Buenos Aires en Argentine du 27 novembre au 2 décembre 2012. La traduction est de Maria Fernanda Arentsen, que je remercie ici chaleureusement.

Évanescencia  (2012) 2:28 min

Synopsis : Quelle est cette épouvante, cette épouvantable époque d’évanescence dans laquelle nous vivons ? Tout s’efface rapidement, brusquement. Ce qui s’était posé devant le regard avec tant d’effervescence s’est enfui presque instantanément, a disparu en nous touchant.

Sinopsis: ¿Qué espanto es éste, espantosa época de evanescencia en que vivimos? Todo se disipa rápidamente, bruscamente. Lo que se había posado ante la mirada con tanta efervescencia huyó casi al instante, desapareció tocándonos.


Liste de la sélection


08 OCTUBRE 2012 (from: Videobardo)

Resultados Convocatoria Internacional de Videopoesía – VideoBardo 2012 / Results of International Videopoetry Open Call – VideoBardo 2012
Videos seleccionados para la programación del IV Festival Internacional de Videopoesí­a “por la Tierra”, del 27 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre 2012 en Buenos Aires (Argentina) /// Selected videos for the IV International Videopoetry Festival “for the Earth”, Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 27th november to 2nd december 2012

Por orden alfabético / In alphabetical order

– Alberto Roblest (Mexico), “Pulgarcito”
– Alisson Sbrana (Brasil / Brazil), “Profana Vía Sacra”
– Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke (Italia & Alemania / Italy & Germany), “Sin fin”
– Ángel Pastor (España / Spain), “Caigudes”
– Antonio Alvarado (España / Spain), “Mujeres fumadoras”
– Antonio Alvarado (España / Spain) “Mujer de materia gris”
– Art al Quadrat (España / Spain), “Sanación”
– Avanca – Carlos Silva (Portugal), “Terram, terra e mar”
– Bárbara de Azevedo (Brasil / Brazil), “Macro sobrevivencia”
– Bartolomé Ferrando (España / Spain), “Xifres”
– Blick (Francia / France) “Merci”
– Bridget Sutherland (Nueva Zelanda / New Zealand), “Twelve hours of daylight”
– Carola Reboredo (Argentina), “Challwa”
– Caterina Davinio (Italia / Italy), “The first poetry space shuttle landing on second life”
– César Espino Barros (Mexico), “Mystic Sex”
– Daniela Novoa Mahecha (Argentina), “Agua”
– Daniel Dugas (Canada), “Evanescencia”
– Danny Winkler & Emilia Loseva (Inglaterra & Rusia / UK & Russia), “Twelve haikus in lethargy”
– Diego Fiori (Italia / Italy), “Rebus”
– Dier (España / Spain), “Todos esos momentos se perderán”
– Eduardo Romaguera (España / Spain), “Pez”
– Eduardo Romaguera (España / Spain), “Captcha”
– Erdem Şimşek (Turquía / Turkey), “Remaining birds song”
– Erena Tarha (España / Spain), “Sueño tierra”
– Fausto Grossi (Italia / Italy), “Everything is possible… do it”
– Federico Tinelli (Italia / Italy), “Extra Heimat”
– Fiona Tinwei Lam (Canadá), “Aquarium”
– Fundación Hölderlin (Argentina), “Empédocles”
– Fundación Hölderlin (Argentina), “Las aventuras de Gatucho”
– Gabriela Alonso (Argentina), “Aguas del Rí­o de La Plata”
– George Aguilar (EE.UU. / USA), “Elegantly forbidden”
– Gerard Wozek & Mary Russell (EE.UU. / USA), “Apocrypha”
– Graciela Gutiérrez Marx (Argentina), “Arte Correo”
– Gruppo Sinestetico (Italia / Italy) “Homage to Joseph Beuys”
– Gustavo Schwartz (Argentina), “Madrecita”
– Gustavo Schwartz & Liliana Lukin (Argentina), “Lo que goteas”
– Henry Gwiazda (EE.UU. / USA), “The Process”
– Ignacio Mendia (Argentina) “Parásito polilla corazón”
– Jakob Kirchheim & Teresa Delgado (Alemania / Germany), “Terrorsounds”
– Jan Peeters (Bélgica / Belgium), “Meine heimat”
– John Bennet & Nicolas Carras (EE.UU. & Francia / USA & France), “4 short pieces”
– Jorge Daffunchio (Argentina), “Mímesis”
– Jorge Daffunchio (Argentina), “OK John, Paul… lo hice”
– Karina Vasquez, Paula Balfagon & Diego Gómez (Argentina), “Tiempo y diálogo”
– KirsiMarja Metsähuone (Finlandia / Finland), “Roam”
– Lisi Prada (España / Spain), “Un minuto de tregua”
– Lola López-Cózar (España / Spain), “Principios”
– Lucas Turturro (Argentina), “Cubicaja o del encierro”
– Luz Rapoport & Guadalupe Muro (Argentina), “Cactus”
– Mar Garrido (España, Spain), “La casa de la playa”
– Mark Sutherland & Paul Giaschi (Canadá), “The Abysmal Legacy of Metropolis”
– Markus Keim (Austria), “Vanishing Point”
– Mónica Barros (Chile), “Subtodo”
– Muriel Montini (Francia / France), “Les jeux d’énfants”
– Natalia Rizzo & Eduardo Basualdo (Argentina), “Un par de cositas nuestras”
– Natalija Ž. Živković (Serbia), “Inbreathe 2″
– Natalija Ž. Živković (Serbia), “The science about the street”
– Nicola Frangione (Italia / Italy), “Incorporalitá”
– Olga Tzimou (Grecia / Greece), “You cannot be known”
– Protasia & Agripino (España / Spain), “Las islas”
– Rafael Álvarez Domenech (Cuba), “Azelvizaje”
– Rafael Álvarez Domenech (Cuba), “Para Performance”
– Rafael Álvarez Domenech (Cuba), “Sin Título”
– Rainer Junghanns (Alemania / Germany), “GMT + The voyage in sequences”
– Ralph Kistler (Alemania / Germany), “Social Netwalks”
– Roberto Santaguida (Canadá), “Haikus of karaoke”
– Roberto Sechi (Brasil / Brazil), “H mudo”
– Roberto Sechi (Brasil / Brazil), “Soneto d’alcova”
– Rodolfo De Matteis (Italia / Italy), “Oda a la Tierra”
– Ruggero Maggi (Italia / Italy), “En los pliegues del tiempo y del espacio”
– Sarah Tremlett (Inglaterra / UK), “She / Seasons / Contemplating Nature”
– Slawomir Milewski (Polonia / Poland), “Ecstasy of St. Agnes”
– Sonia Bertotti (Argentina), “Puntada”
– Susanne Wiegner & Robert Lax (Alemania / Germany), “Just midnight”
– Tom Konyves (Canada), “All this day is good for”
– Video Out – Jennifer Campbell (EE.UU. / USA), “Precipitate”
– Video Out – Jennifer Campbell (EE.UU. / USA), “Point no point”
– Wei-Ming Ho (Taiwan), “The Art-Qaeda Project”
– Yael Rosenblut (Chile), “Escena pasional del arte”


Sep 15, 2012

MPB at the WPGC (2012)

World Portable Galleries Convention 2012

Halifax, NS

A collaborative work instigated by Daniel Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc

Here is a first glimpse at the project.  We will be adding to the documentation.

For the WPGC we assembled a bamboo ‘fishing pole’ and hooked up a mini-spy cam to it. Valerie put on the MPB and we stepped out to explore views of the city not readily visible to passersby. We talked with other pedestrians and pointed the camera into spaces that they were interested in examining. Several of the WPGC curators and Eye Level Members stepped out with us to try out the apparatus. As images were transferred from the spycam to the MPB monitor, we used a separate camcorder to record what the spycam saw.

With Michael McCormack (fishing pole) and Matthew Carswell (camera)

Michael Eddy (fishing pole) looking at the sign

Valerie LeBlanc carrying the MPB on Argyle St.

Michael Eddy lifting the fishing pole

In front of the Tony’s Pizza on Robie St., diners onlooking

Andrew McLaren on corner of Cunard and Robie, September 7 during the opening at the 161 Gallon Gallery

This project has been made possible with the support of artsnb

and EyeLevel Gallery and its funders

Jul 23, 2012

Hublot (2012)

Hublot est une dérive sur Le Rossignol, un texte de Anton Delvig mis en chanson par le compositeur russe Alexander Alyabyev en 1825. Le poème parle de la voix envoûtante du rossignol, une voix capable de traverser les océans et de remplir de joie le cœur de ceux qui l’entendent. Cette pièce fut composée par Alyabyev pour la plus aiguë et la plus agile de toutes les voix : le soprano colorature.

La bande sonore de la vidéo est un enregistrement de 1952 que ma mère Corinne Melanson Dugas, elle-même soprano colorature, enregistra à Montréal avec la pianiste Bernice LeBlanc.

Hublot (2012) from daniel dugas on Vimeo.

Jan 12, 2012

What We Take With Us – TNG (2012)

We just came back from Calgary where our video installation What We Take With Us is being presented at The New Gallery. The opening was on January 5th and the exhibition will continue until February 4th 2012.  We stayed at the John Snow House which is administrated by TNG.  It is an extraordinary place loaded with history.

Thanks to everyone at TNG: Tim, Jessica, Noel, Kathryn, Su, Volunteers – and all who came out to the opening!  Our talks will be posted online next week.


Our installation is also part of This Is My City Festival, an interdisciplinary festival of art from the margins.


Excerpt from the essay written by Tomas Jonsson:

Recurrent waves of colonialism and globalization have smoothed and prescribed our encounters with places. For the traveler, points of difference, or of distinction, are sought after, perhaps increasingly so, or patronizingly handed over. Monuments, historical sites and natural landmarks are increasingly oriented to ‘the amused eye’, which the traveler can then compare and develop a discourse “for the comparative connoisseurship of places.”

In What We Take With Us, Dugas and LeBlanc explore a complicated, contingent terrain, whose borders extend into and circumvent geographies, both physical and social, ‘here’ and ‘away’. Encompassing individual catalysts, personal experiences, mental and body memories, the resulting landscape can’t be easily anticipated or defined.

The videos mimic the internal ordering and filtering of places. Each series of vignettes display a personal vision, reflecting the difference in interpretation even by two people so closely aligned. They follow in Dugas and LeBlanc’s collaborative approach in their production and presentation, but in this case the associations are left to chance due to an unsynched running time. The result is a constantly shifting dialogue between the videos, with unknown permutations and combinations. 

Dec 19, 2011

Hunger / Faim (2011)

Troisième vidéo de la série Tablettes. – Third video from the Tablets series.


A prehistoric man stands alongside of a stream, hoping to catch a fish. Seeing that it is not going well, another caveman approaches to show the fisherman his tablet, demonstrating of a new way of eating.

Un homme préhistorique, debout près d’un ruisseau s’adonne à la pêche, mais sans succès. Un autre homme des cavernes s’approche et lui montre une tablette où apparaît une nouvelle façon de se nourrir.

Actors/Acteurs: Jean-Denis Boudreau, Katie Hunter
Props/accessoires: Valerie LeBlanc

1. Wheels / Roues

2. Rock / Roc

3. Hunger / Faim 


Dec 5, 2011

Rock / Roc (2011)

Voici le deuxième vidéo de la série Tablettes avec Jean-Denis Boudreau et Katie Hunter.

Un homme préhistorique essaie de déplacer une grosse roche sur le flanc d’une montagne. Un autre homme des cavernes s’avance et lui montre sa tablette où les risques d’une telle activité sont mis en évidence.

A prehistoric man is trying to move a large rock on the side of a mountain. Another caveman approaches with his tablet and brings up a safety video highlighting the risks of this activity and suggestions for safer work methods.

Actors/Acteurs: Jean-Denis Boudreau, Katie Hunter
Props/accessoires: Valerie LeBlanc


1 : Wheels / Roues 

2. Rock / Roc

3. Hunger / Faim

Nov 18, 2011

Wheels / Roues (2011)

This week I will be posting the 3 videos of Tablets. The series is a tongue-in-cheek collection extolling the magical properties of technology.

1. WHEELS (1:44 min)
With great difficulty, a prehistoric man is drawing a wheel on a stone tablet. Another caveman arrives with his tablet and brings up the images of a 20th century automobile.

Durant les prochains jours, je vais mettre en ligne les 3 vidéos de ma série Tablettes, qui a été tournée à la baie de Chipoudy et qui se veut un clin d’oeil aux propriétés magiques de la technologie.

1. ROUES (1:44 min)
Un homme préhistorique dessine avec beaucoup de difficulté une roue sur une tablette de pierre. Un autre homme des cavernes arrive et lui montre sa tablette où apparaît l’image d’une Oldsmobile.

Actors/Acteurs: Jean-Denis Boudreau, Katie Hunter
Props/accessoires: Valerie LeBlanc


1. Wheels / Roues

2. Rock / Roc

3. Hunger / Faim 




Nov 16, 2011

Corps flottants – pas de deux (2011)

Une contamination / pollinisation entre les vidéos Corps Flottants et Gull.

Daniel H. Dugas

Artiste numérique, poète et musicien, Daniel H. Dugas a participé à des expositions individuelles et de groupe ainsi qu’à plusieurs festivals et événements de poésie en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Mexique et en Australie. Everglades, coécrit avec Valerie LeBlanc, vient de paraître aux Éditions Prise de parole.

Daniel H. Dugas is a poet, musician, and videographer. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico and Australia. His tenth book of poetry, co-written with Valerie LeBlanc, Everglades has just been published by Les Éditions Prise de parole.

À partir de leur exploration du parc national des Everglades, Daniel H. Dugas et Valerie LeBlanc cartographient dans cet essai poétique les effets de la présence humaine sur le milieu naturel, les traces qu’elle y dépose. Everglades est une ode à la beauté, à la fragilité et à la résilience d’une nature aux prises avec une espèce envahissante, la nôtre.

Through their exploration of the Everglades National Park, Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc document, in this poetic collection, the effects of human presence in the natural world and the traces left behind. Everglades is an ode to the beauty, the fragility and the resilience of nature faced with the invasiveness of a particular species, ours.

Date : Mars 2018
Genre : Poésie
Collection : Poésie
ISBN : 9782897441029

Éditions Prise de parole




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